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Posted on 11th Jul at 9:27 AM, with 4 notes

I said I would post a classical composition of mine if the post had 5 likes. 

You guys put 10.

So what better way to do to say thanks than by drawing the whole song?

This is “Melancholy in C# minor”, for violin, cello, and guitar.

It was originally for a homework in which I had to compose in the style of Bach, Beethoven and/or Mozart. Not an easy task. Since I don’t like Mozart (I can listen to a new song, and i can guess what will happen next), and I love Bach and Beethoven, I decided to focus on both of them. 

The intro is based on Moonlight Sonata, so the professor could see I was following instructions. Next, I started with my own personal style, ignoring music theory and just focusing on the emotion and on the synesthesia, starting with the green thing. I added a few Bach “quotes” so I wouldn’t look as if I forgot the rules. 

The silvery thing is how I see the violin and cello parts blended together, except at the high notes, which then the violin takes this range/brown color. The orange cloud is how I see the guitar.

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